It’s a Federal holiday, and we’re at the jayo with so much happening. Hopefully everybody enjoyed the All-Star weekend. We enjoyed Rihanna’s performance last night, and Charles Barkley’s hilarious commentary throughout (as well as Dr. J kissing up on players’ moms).

‘Pac Packs Theaters

Were you surprised with all this 2Pac biopic out-of-nowhere stuff? We were. The Hollywood Reporter got some inside feed on what happened behind the scenes to turn a lawsuit into pre-production. It’s good that Morgan Creek and Afeni Shakur-Davis came to terms. What’s not so good is that Bow Wow tweeted that he wanted to either play a member of The Outlawz or Shock G. But he quickly deleted those tweets, and that’s why you ain’t heard about ’em from us.

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Odd Future For Dummies

Thursday night’s Odd Future performance on Jimmy Fallon’s show was truly something special. We were supposed to catch them on tour last week, but were caught up. Everybody was hitting our staff members up on Friday and Saturday looking for the breakdown of who these cats are. Esquire answered that for all who want to know. Shouts to Noz from, who was the first to tell us last year.

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New York 101 Reality Check

The homie Phillip Mlynar has been supplying Village Voice with some great Hip Hop coverage over the last year. People constantly ask “Who’s next in New York?” A recent article asks that question, and gives a strong nod to Roc Marciano, as well as some up-and-comers like Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino, Timeless Truth and Mayhem Lauren. These are names not getting nearly enough ink, and salute to VV for stating their opinion.

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