DJ Premier ruffled some feathers earlier this year when he listed his top 25 albums of 2010. He’s made another list, this time for his favorite producers of all-time.

“Definitely [gotta name] James Brown,” Premier told DJ Vlad. “Just the way he commanded his band and when I was a kid, it was called soul music. When James Brown came around, it was called funk. To create funk, not everybody could do funky stuff…Marley Marl is the ultimate hip-hop producer to me. He’s the James Brown of hip-hop to me. No one did it like him. Mantronix. He always had the newest drum machines first and he always mastered how to work it.”

“Rick Rubin, definitely,” Premier added. “[He’s there] just starting Def Jam to begin with. Number two, [he’s] a white dude, Jewish dude, loving ghetto culture and making it bang…I gotta say Dr. Dre — Dre reminds me of what I do. He does albums and albums and albums. And I know he has a bigger team now but — Dr. Dre, he can do it, still, on his own.”

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