Yesterday, it was announced that Long Beach, California superstar emcee Snoop Dogg obtained a partnership stake in Blunt Magic, a smoking paraphernalia company co-owned by VIP Ventures. Blunt Magic is known for creating a bottled spray that reduces the odor of smoking, as well as provides additional flavor for smokers.

“Roll ‘Doggy-style’ with Blunt Magic and see what it do,” said Snoop Dogg in a press release statement. “Check out our product online and in specialty smoke shops and let me know what you think.”

Per the press release, “The product uses all-natural, food safe ingredients that are approved for use in regulation of the FDA or are listed as G.R.A.S on a reliable industrial list.” More information can be found at, where the spray can be purchased.

Previously, Snoop has had endorsements with liquors, navigation systems and clothing.

Next month, Snoop Dogg will release The Doggumentary album.