Timbaland must be a pretty busy guy because he nearly lost his Miami condo for failure to pay some minor assessment fees. According to The Detroit News, the building’s owner placed a lien on the producers pad to the tune of $ 18, 833 back in August. The lien was due to what they claimed was nonpayment of quarterly condo assessment fees. The fine had grown to $27,000 before The Detroit News contacted Timbo. At which point the rappers reps made the full payment and prevented the foreclosure that the buildings lawyers had threatened.

The man born Tim Mosley isn’t hurting for cash though. His financial reps claim that this was all just a big misunderstanding. Appearantly, Timbaland, like most entertainers, delegates these kinds of responsibilities to a team of financial advisors. These advisors claim that they were never sent a notice of the bill. So, thanks to the Detroit News they were made aware of the fine and paid it off in a timely manner.

Timbaland is currently putting the finishing touches on the third volume of his Shock Value series. The album’s first single is expected to be released to radio on February 22nd.