Wale and Kid Cudi have exchanged some barbs in the past but there was little doubt that the message sent from the DC emcee’s Twitter account to Cudi’s were the work of some nefarious pranksters due to the tweets extremely mean spirited and slanderous content. The messages, sent Thursday night, read, “The rumors are true… @wizardcud is a satanic cokehead devil worshiper who sold his soul. u should never have come back to twitter pussyboy,” and “@wizardcud get off that liquid coke son stop playing dress up as david bowie. im gonna own u on wax you fucking emo ur jeans are 2 tight.”

The Twitter jokers also sent messages to pop superstar and Wale’s “Chillin’” collaborator Lady Gaga (“WHY DONT U RETURN MY CALLS NO MORE BOO?”), the producer of that track, Plain Pat (@PLAINPAT YOURE A FAT F— GO TO HELL WITH UR BUTT BUDDY @WIZARDCUD), and RapRadar.com. Wale was able to get on the situation quickly and with the help of Twitter’s support staff regain control of his account. He tweeted afterwards:

Ha.. Hackers imma get u. Don’t worry bout itless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Y’all know lady gaga always returns my calls . Lol and rapradar.com is fam… Cudi… He cool… Back to y’all day . Byeless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Wale now joins the long line of celebrities who have seen their Twitter accounts hacked. Other Hip Hop personalities who have been victioms include Lil Wayne and Solar.