With well known rap artists already standing behind the Persian born rapper AMIR, his solo debut album “Images of My Mind” is definitely going to be a change from what were used to.

Being released on producer/ rap artist DJ Quik’s label Bungalo Records early next year, AMIR feels his rap style will separate him from rapper’s that we here on a daily basis. “I kinda got a different sound from what we all hear right now”, AMIR said in an interview. “I see it as being very unique because I can make you understand what I am talking about whether I am rhyming fast or slow.”

Having went through several tragic events in his life, (including a tragic car accident and a stint in rehab), AMIR says he won’t dwell on his experiences if it won’t help someone. “I don’t write to try and glorify the things that happen in my life. The world is so upside down right now and if I talk about what I have been through then it has to inspire them to want to do better than what I went through”. For his debut album, you can expect guest appearances by DJ Quik, the green-eyed bandit Erick Sermon, Fred Wreck, Butch Cassidy and Ju-L. AMIR is a surprise and although many people don’t know, he was the inspiration for the multi-platinum hit “Addicted” from the Truth Hurts album,” DJ Quik said.