South Park Coalition member K-Rino’s next album is February 15’s Alien Baby. The latest release from the Houston, Texas emcee icon said to be an influence on Scarface and others does not have any vocal guests. Alien Baby features a sequel to “Flow Session Number 1,” which appeared on last August’s Annihilation of the Evil Machine.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Hour Of Inevitable Conquest (Intro)
2. Father Of The Flame
3. Don’t Leave
4. Who Is This
5. Killin’ The Game
6. Flow Session Number 2
7. Perfect World
8. Initial Contact
9. Representin’
10. The Phantom’s Anthem
11. Alien Baby
12. Lifting The Veil
13. Finish Moves
14. Lookin’ At You
15. Watch Him