Early in 2011 Raekwon told Vibe that he was planning on a second album in 2011. He said the album would be “DJ-oriented” and “harmony-based” and will feature production from Just Blaze and Kanye West. Also that the album, which is already half complete, is tentatively slated for an October release. 

It looks as though this album could be the third volume of Only Built For Cuban Linx series. Complex is previewing Rae’s upcoming Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang and revealed that Rae broke the news on a song called “Silver Rings.”

In the preview Complex states “he says he doesn’t know when, but that the time is coming” and “this album definitely isn’t in the same vein as the Cuban Linx series. OB4CL and its sequel had an overarching narrative, but this record is more like a series of vignettes tied together by a common theme.”