In case you hadn’t notice Kanye West loves himself some Kanye West. But of course you noticed this because everything Kanye does and says pretty much screams it at you. But his most recent purchase takes egotism to heights even Mr. West himself had yet to reach. The Chi-Town superstar commissioned watchmaker Tiret to create a custom luxury watch just for him, nothing too unusual there. But this particular watch wasn’t just gold and diamond encrusted. No, this watch featured 8 carats of brown, white, yellow, and black diamonds arranged into the shape of the rapper’s face.

The watch is valued by Tiret at $180,000 dollars. Allegedly, West sprung for the extravagant wrist-wear in celebration of his critically acclaimed and commercially successful new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. No word on whether or not Kanye knows that Tiret created a similar watch for Usher that cost an even more grandiose sum, $250,000. Check out Kanye’s one of a kind timepiece bellow:

Kanye Face Watch