Fresh off his comeback hit “Deuces”, which featured Tyga and Kevin McCall, Chris Brown has enlisted another young emcee to collaborate on his forthcoming album, entitled F.A.M.E.. According to a recent tweet, Brown has lined up Asher Roth to guest on a track. Roth is currently working on his own album, The Spaghetti Tree.

In other Pop/Hip Hop collaboration news Beyonce was recently in the studio with Symbolyc One. Beyonce hasn’t released an album in a few years but she seems to be making music her number one priority with these new sessions. Symbolic One, the producer behind Kanye West’s “Power”, tweeted a number of updates over the last few days. He said, in part, “Me, Beyonce, and Caleb was in the studio last night killing it!… Beyonce got us in here working and I’m luvin every bit of it… Well it was supposed to be my last day in here with Bey but she wants me stay longer… Everything is sounding really GREAT and BIG!!!!… Had a great 6 days in the lab with Beyonce. INCREDIBLE music we made. Great start for #2011.”

No word on what, exactly, these collaborations will lead to but HipHopDX will keep you updated with the latest news as it comes.