Timbaland made his name as a Hip Hop and R&B producer by creating unique and eccentric music for superstars like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, and Aaliyah. But in the last decade he has branched out to become a hit maker in the Pop genre as well. Through work with Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, and especially Justin Timberlake, Timbo was responsible for some of the 2000’s biggest Pop smashes. More recently he has worked with Ashlee Simpson and Miley Cyrus so perhaps it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Timbaland is more than open to work with more Teen Pop stars.

But the way he is going about it now is more than a little unusually. In the last few days Tim has made two impassioned videos, making appeals to collaborate with Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, respectively. In the video directed at Lovato, the super-producer praises her saying, “You are amazing, girl. I am not an easy person to please, but I’m very impressed.” He then plays a snippet of a song he wrote for the Disney star, who recently spent a stint in rehab. In the video Timbaland made for Jonas he singles out the middle Jonas brother, claiming he is thinking up ideas for them to collaborate on, then declaring, “I’m with you Joe Jonas. I’m with you 100 percent.”

No word from the young signers, who for a brief period were romantically linked, about the offers. Timbaland may be reaching out to teen stars but he still keeps a foot in the rap world having produced tracks for Drake, T.I. and Game in 2010.