The release date and possible next single from J. Cole’s upcoming debut both seem to be undetermined, and as such, Cole hasn’t been giving out a lot of information about the album. However, during a recent interview, DJ Semtex managed to find out about a completed single featuring Trey Songz, and J. Cole did at least acknowledge the single’s existence.

“Aw man, I don’t know anything about that,” Cole answered, when Semtex brought the collaboration up. “I don’t know when…every time I give anybody a date on anything, it never happens. So I just kind of let things flow how they’re going to flow. But that song, as of right now, exists and it’s very good. I can say that.”

A Trey Songz cameo could certainly boost the potential for a crossover hit, and J. Cole has previously stated that one of the delays on his album is waiting until he can capitalize on the largest possible fan base. And while some of the delays are beyond his control, Cole said he’s also keeping a few things under wraps on purpose. He added that he would like to work with Kanye West again after completing the album. The pair previously worked together on the G.O.O.D. Friday release, “Looking For Trouble.”



“From when you heard [the album] last, it’s probably changed,” J. Cole told Semtex. It hasn’t drastically changed, and even some of the songs I played for you won’t make it just because I’ve done better songs. It just keeps changing until they give me a release date and a date I have to turn it in…it’ll keep changing and getting better.”