It is no secret that Ras Kass and Game just plain do not like each other. They two West Coast rappers first clashed back in 2006. So it was unsurprising to hear that the two were in an altercation on New Year’s Eve at a club in Los Angeles. After the conflict Game taunted Ras, tweeting, “Gave Rass Kass a 2-piece nugget meal in da club da otha night. He went down n da 1st round like last time. Same soft chin, Different clothes.”

That isn’t exactly how Ras Kass remembers it, though. Speaking with XXL the emcee said, “He was saying, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and kissing my ass. If he had a problem with me, he could have talked to me in the bathroom. Game’s stories never add up… He’s stuck on stupid. He knows we have pictures. He punched and then ran behind a pool table. You don’t call the police. There was no knockout. No one even got a bruise.”

For more details on the scrape-up head over to and read Ras’ full account of the night’s events.