With the five year wait for Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told nearly over, Just Blaze talked about the cause of the delays.

“It’s very cool,” the albums Executive Producer told SOHH when asked about the album finally having a release date. “No pun intended, I’m happy he gets to tell his story and it’s something that he put so many years of blood, sweat and tears in to. I’m happy that somebody was able to see his vision, and get the album and understand what he wanted to do with it, and allow him to release it without having to really alter [anything]. And I’m happy that they’re allowing him to have the proper platform and budget to do that. There were a lot of other potential situations on the table over the past two years or so for as soon as he got his release from Atlantic [Records] but either the money wasn’t right or they wanted to make changes or they didn’t have the money and resources to put the album out in the fashion that it deserves to be put out.”

Getting his release from Atlantic was only half the battle. Once Sai was free from the major he still needed to find the right label to launch his project.

“From paying for the sample clearances, proper marketing, proper budget, a proper promotional budget to the situation he’s in right now, they’ve really put their money where their mouth is in terms of believing in the project,” Just said in regards to Suburban Noize Records. “There’s a lot of labels and a lot of people in general that claimed to believe in the project and I honestly believe they did. I think everybody that came to the table definitely really did support and believe in the project, but not everyone had the means to support it in the way it needed to be supported. And so through some perseverance and a little prayer, Sai came across a situation that had the best [deal]. It’s definitely an exciting time and I’m happy to see him get his album out finally.”

The Greatest Story Never Told drops on February 15 and features production from Just Blaze, Kanye West, Buckwild, Scram Jones and more.