Will Smith said it two decades ago and it looks like it’s still true today, “Parents just don’t understand.” Ford has announced plans to allow parents to block sixteen Sirius radio channels. Some of the channels which can be blocked are Howard Stern, Playboy, Raw Dog Comedy, and Hip Hop Nation.

Ford’s McKey system allows parents to control several different features of the car including speed and radio volume. The move to block content is, in Ford’s opinion, just another safety measure. Ford’s Safety Planning and Strategy Manager  Andy Sarkisian said, “There’s a lot of mature-content programming out there, and it could be somewhat of a distraction for less-mature ears.”

A full list of the blockable channels was not available but it will interesting to see if Hip Hop Nation is the only music channel considered “distracting” to young drivers when it is far from the only musical genre with explicit lyrics and adult themes.