In a new interview with The Source Miami rapper Rick Ross yet again shared his thoughts on Young Jeezy’s “B.M.F.” freestyle. The rapper explained that he felt somewhat offended by Jeezy’s freestyle.

“I’m not sure what was going on. [the freestyle] was most definitely [disrespectful], whatever it was. Then the explanations seemed sideways, less than G,” Rick Ross explained to The Source, reports

Just last month during an interview with the BBC’s Tim Westwood, Rick Ross shared that he felt Jeezy had “played his self.”

Ross also revealed to The Source that he has yet to speak to Jeezy about the freestyle and when asked if the song was more offensive coming from someone he’s had communication with Ross explained that, “It’s most definitely when we always touching distance from each other.”

“I’m right here,” said Ross. “It’s not like I’m in Miami and you in New York. We see each other. That’s the only issue I had. It was sideways. So i made a record, “Summer’s Mine” just to [let him know], if we gonna play that sport, let’s put it on the table like men. If it was just a freestyle that the world took the wrong way, leave it alone. That’s how I took it.”

The full interview with Rick Ross will be featured in The Source’s December/January issue.