Tony Yayo and The Game’s well-known dislike for one another reached new heights, as Yayo (@TonyYayo) took to Twitter to address The Game’s (@thegame) recent appeal to 50 Cent for a reunion.

@thegame u the puppet Henchmen had his hand up your ass for years. And now that u don’t have hits out how u gon feed them Blood niggas.about 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Game was quick to respond with a message of his own, indicating that perhaps Yayo was below his pay grade.

1st of all @tonyyayo when I was talkin bout a G-Unit reunion I wasn’t talkin to you “YOU FUCKIN PUPPET” I was talkin to CURTIS MAN 2 MAN !about 12 hours ago via web

@tonyyayo but keep “TRYNA STUNT” & I will RE-BRAKE every bone in yo CAREER like I did da 1st time NIGGA !about 12 hours ago via web

Nigga, you NEVER had a HIT & u bout da same age as CURTIS BLOW. If u wasnt suckin so much D!CK over there u’d be cleanin SUBWAYS n the BRONXabout 12 hours ago via web

In the back-and-forth, Yayo poked fun at the Compton rapper for wearing “Free Yayo” shirts during his time at G-Unit, and taunted him for calling Yayo for his first album.

@thegame u bitch ass nigga u went from a Butterfly to a LA tattoo. U prob got a tramp stamp on ur back stripperabout 12 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Game concluded the high-tech war of words by promising a fistfight if he and Yayo crossed paths in the future and repeated to 50 Cent (@50cent), “[W]hen you wanna HOLLA, [sic] u know how 2 find me.”