Lloyd Banks recorded a video blog for XXL where he let fans know who is favorite producers of all-time were. To little surprise Dr. Dre topped that list, but not just because Banks has had the honor of working with him.

“I definitely gotta start with Dr. Dre. His beats have been influential, you can’t even put an amount, probably one of the first vinyls I had, including my homeboys, with the instrumental CD…or vinyl. Was The Chronic album, so that was crazy. Just to be able to rap over all those [instrumentals]. I would carry that around because I loved the production so much I would do more than one rap to each. Like part one, part two to ‘Still D.R.E.’ and things like that. So Dre, most definitely one of the best.”

After a long pause, Banks figured out the rest of the list. “I definitely gotta say Swizz Beatz. I gotta put him up there, he’s done countless hits over and over again so definitely Swizz Beatz. I enjoy Kanye West, what he’s brought to the game, his production is crazy.”

The Queens rapper also picked a former labelmate and collaborator. “Havoc from Mobb Deep is definitely one of my personal favorites. I just feel the sound he captures, ah man, it just brings me back to when I first got into rap…DJ Premier, DJ Premier brings me back to that 1990’s feel so I definitely gotta put him in there and there’s a lot more producers, but I haven’t worked with y’all so y’all don’t get a shout-out ’til I do.”