It seems before Bow Wow released a few statements of regret on his Twitter account recently, the young emcee spoke about this with Vibe. In an article that was printed after his comments were released, Bow voices similar issues, saying he will release his most controversial album title yet and that he has a documentary on the way.

“This album will be my most personal and probably most controversial because of the title. Some might hate on it, but it’s true. It’s going to make people understand why I’m feeling like that. I haven’t announced the title, but I pretty much have it confirmed in my head. This is what I want, and what I’m asking for.”

He also has a documentary, Who is Shad Moss?, which he plans to release. This adds to his Tweet, which read, “People don’t know me.”

“There’s a certain perception of me. But I’m ready to open up and give the world all of me. I had to sacrifice acting up an image that I never wanted in the first place, and I did it because it was the only situation that was going to put my mother in the right place and take care of my family. But it doesn’t feel good doing shit that you don’t really feel good about. I never felt like I could be me. Now, I’m ready to say if you don’t like it, than you don’t like me.”

“I felt overlooked my entire career, and felt like I never got credit for anything that I’ve ever done,” he added. “This is what everybody turned me into—a little beast and now I’m on attack mode.”

Bow has confirmed guest spots from Nelly, Lil Wayne, Fabolous and Game, among others.