Original gangster Ice-T is bringing out his own line of XO Brandy, called Original Gangster of course. The LA pioneer signed a deal with Aiko Importers and Pay Up Management to get behind the French brandy.

Aiko approached T’s manager Mickey Benston a year ago, as the rapper/actor had been looking for a brand to put his name on for some time.

“Ice-T sat down with me and I told him, ‘you have to see the presentation.’ He loved the taste and the bottle. At the direction of Ice-T, I also told them we didn’t want money, we wanted a partnership,” Bentson told AllHipHop.com. “Ice decided it would be best to have partnership in the business so we can build other brands. The bottles are great and the liquor is fantastic.”

“Coco will end up with her drink as well, and I will end up with mine,” added Benston, also owns Pay Up Records, which recently entered into a deal with Empire Distribution. “We think long term. We are building other brands within this company.” 

The liquor will be available across the United States in 2011, carrying a retail price from $22.99 to $42.99.