Those who listened to Brooklyn emcee Sha Stimuli‘s critically acclaimed debut LP My Soul to Keep most likely remember Sha performing with a young emcee by the name of the Astronomical Kid on the Lord Digga-produced “Hang On” and its remix featured on May’s Overtime: My Soul to Keep mixtape. Now, the Astronomical Kid is finding solo success, as the 14-year-old rapper made his MTV debut yesterday on the new show The Seven

The Astronomical Kid’s placement of The Seven – which lists the seven most important happenings in pop culture in a given week – is apart of a long list of accolades the teenage emcee has received. The video for his single “Stop Looking at My Moms” (see above) has already gotten over 400,000 views. The young Brooklyn rhymer has even garnered praise from sources like the New York Daily News and New York’s WPIX Channel 11 News.

Most recently, the Astronomical Kid released a mixtape called The Chosen One this past October with DJ Victorious, Sha Stimuli’s frequent mixtape DJ of choice.