William “Willie D” Dennis, formerly of the Hip Hop group the Geto Boys, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison due to wire fraud charges against the rapper.

According to a press release from the U.S. attorney (posted at Houston Press‘ blog), Dennis was selling iPhones and other electronics via EBay to international customers. Once the money was sent to Dennis’ bank account via electronic transfer Dennis would then send a fake shipment tracking number to the customer without sending them the product or products they purchased.

On top of his prison sentence Dennis will also have to pay $194,087.17 in restitution and must undergo three years of supervision following his release from prison. Dennis’ case was investigated by a number of agency’s including the FBI.

“The case was investigated by Houston Area Cyber Crimes Task Force, which is comprised of personnel from the FBI, Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office, who received assistance from the United States Postal Inspection Service,” read the press release.

Dennis rose to fame during his time as part of the Geto Boys and has since released The Foundation a reunion album with the group. He recently signed controversial, Texas-based group Huntzville to his label Relentless Music. (November 4)

UPDATE: Last week, Willie D spoke to FOX 26 in Houston. Meeting the local network in a studio where Willie D was recording material to be released before his early December incarceration, the Geto Boys legend explained his motives in the crime. “Somebody did me wrong, somebody stole my phones, and so I did the same thing to somebody else,” said the emcee who’s also known for his brief tenure in the 1990s as a professional boxer. “I didn’t necessarily steal their phones, I just didn’t ship them. I took the money and didn’t ship their orders. That’s what happened, and I felt justified in doing it, at the time. Of course, now, I realize I was wrong.”

Facing a one year sentence, Willie admitted he was relieved that the courts showed the rapper mercy. “I was grateful, ’cause it could have been a whole lot worse.”

Video is below from FOX 26’s interview. Willie D is expected to enter prison on December 4.