Two of the four founding members from legendary Queens, New York Hip Hop group A Tribe Called Quest were planning a November tour. Emcee Phife Dawg and deejay/producer Ali Shaheem had announced global dates. Those dates were reported to be canceled this morning, according to

The Australian site reports that Peace Music, the tour’s parent company, has canceled the dates because of a booking agent they are accusing of fraud. The unnamed person reportedly pocketed monies allocated to the artists, and misrepresented them to venues and promoters. A statement on behalf of the company and artists is available here, at

In recent months, Phife (along with partner The Gambler) have begun a sports column on HipHopDX called “The FANalysts.” Their editorials may be read here.

Additionally, Phife is working on his second solo album. In May, the veteran emcee told DX about the work:

“I pretty much have my own production company [now anyway], by the name of Riddim Kids. It’s like rhythm kids. If you look on the back of the first Tribe album [People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm], where it says “Jarobi and the rhythm kids”…but I renamed it Riddim because of me and my partner being of Trinidadian decent… It’s actually three of us, it’s me, it’s my man Rasta Roots from outta Atlanta, and then my partner Stat Box, a little 22-year-old dude from San Jose. He’s hungry, Roots is hungry, I’m hungry, so we’re just bangin’ out these beats. And then I got a track from !llmind, I got a track from Oh No… So we making it happen.”