Lupe Fiasco’s journey to release Lasers has been a long one. In fact, during a recent interview with Shade45’s Angela Yee, Fiasco admitted that Lasers has been done for more than three years. For an album that has been waiting for a release date for so long, it will not feature too many updates.

“There’s certain pieces, certain things that have come to pass for me over the last few months that I need to address on this record, and little small stuff,” Fiasco told Yee. “But the album’s literally been kind of sitting, done, in one state or another, for two or three years.”

So, why did his fight with Atlantic take so long?

“I don’t want to put everybody’s business in the street but if we’re going to make money, let’s make money fair. Let’s not be devious in our tactics. I don’t want to be nasty when it comes to business, but you’ve got to respect us. We’re a business, too. You have to respect us the same way we respect you.”

Nevertheless, he noted that he’s confident this album will be well recieved.

“It’s still bananas and better than everybody else’s album.”

Now, Fiasco has a situation with Atlantic that will allow him to release Lasers officially and he’s thankful to be moving forward.

“They’re very supportive but it’s a business, too,” he said. “[Atlantic executive] Julie [Greenwald] has really been the bridge and the liaison between myself, my company, and Atlantic. So, she deserved that credit for putting this all behind us and moving forward.”

Not all was good, though. Fiasco also voiced his displeasure with MTV and blog sites, noting that he felt disrespected by the recent MTV article offering him advice to succeed and the way he says he’s been treated by bloggers.

“You can’t dictate what success is to me. You don’t know what I have materially. You don’t know what I’ve achieved. When they wrote the story, I was on my way to being principal for a day at my old grade school on the west side of Chicago. That’s success to me.”

Of releasing more music and blogs, he added that he is not opposed to dropping new tracks but also added that he wants to make sure he does it in a way that feels right for him.

“I want to cater to my fans. I love my fans. I love to Rap and I love to put out mix tapes. But, I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot just putting music out there.”

Lasers is currently expected to be in stores in March of 2011.