Lupe Fiasco and Atlantic records seem to be on good terms again judging by a tweet from the Chicago rapper. The message said, simply, “Victory!” and featured a link to a photo of Lupe and Atlantic Records executive Julie Greenwald. The picture appears to find the two in good spirits, the 1st and 15th CEO is smiling from ear to ear and even giving a thumbs up to the camera.

The reconciliation comes a week before a scheduled protest of Atlantic by Lupe’s fans. The demonstration was meant to force Atlantic to announce a release date for Lasers, the emcee’s fourth album, which has been pushed back numerous times. Lupe himself promised to attend the rally.

While the chronically delayed Lasers is still without a release date this new development seems to offer hope that it will materialize sooner rather than later.

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UPDATE: Atlantic Records has announced a March 8 release date for Lasers this afternoon. (October 8)

UPDATE #2: After a tumultuous week, it has now been announced that Lupe Fiasco’s first single from Lasers will be made available for free download on October 26, via his website.