In his lyrics Pill is not one to shy away from detailed portrayals of bleak, poverty stricken life. Now it appears that the Atlanta rapper is using other mediums to tell the story of the underprivileged in America, specifically the medium of the documentary film. Last night on Twitter Pill wrote, “Got great news the other day that a small documentary I did about poverty in America will be shown in Geneva, Switzerland at the UN summit.” The next United Nations gathering is scheduled for November 25 of this year.

Pill is obviously very proud of the film, which he refers to as, “One my biggest moments in effort to shine light on the impoverished.” Not much else is know at this time with regards to specific details about the project. But Pill reassures all his fans who won’t be able to rub elbows with the world’s most powerful leaders at the film’s Summit premiere that, “After it’s shown at the UN Summit I’ll make sure to put it online.”

Pill’s last solo release was the 1140: The Overdose mixtape which dropped in June. Since then he has made guest appearances on Freddie Gibbs’ Str8 Killa EP and Mark Ronson’s Record Collection. He is currently preparing his major label debut studio album for Asylum/Warner Bros. Records.