Rapradar.com has audio of California Hip Hop collective Strong Arm Steady speaking to Shade 45 DJ Angela Yee recently about a new venture they are engaged in with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim offshoot. The group, which is currently comprised of Mitchy Slick, Krondon, and Phil Da Agony, said they are developing a cartoon entitled Kung-Fun Heina” with the network. S.A.S. describes the show as a “Latin version of ‘The Boondocks.’” Strong Arm Steady’s last album, “In Search of Stoney Jackson,” was released earlier this year.

-In a post on his Facebook page on Saturday night Sage Francis broke the news to his fans that he is retiring from touring, effective immediately. The Strange Famous CEO wrote, “I just finished my very last show of my touring career.” The post was greeted by dozens of fans imploring the Rhode Island emcee to reconsider and wondering what it was that pushed the rapper to give up performing live. Francis did respond to some of these comments but only to say, “I suppose the best answer I can give is ‘because I said so’ which should be taken in a very authoritative tone.”

– Battle Rap heavyweight Mac Lethal has recently reemerged ending his long hiatus from the world of competitive rapping. Above Ground is reporting that the Kansas City emcee, who took the title at the 2002 Scribble Jam competition, returned to this year’s even for the first time since 2004. Lethal battled Dirtbag Dan in what appears to have been a promotional battle and not part of the official competition. Voting for the winner of the battle is currently heavily in Mac Lethal’s favor with the Black Clover Records founder leading Dirtbag Dan by a score of 25 votes to none. Video of the battle is available here.