Veteran producer Nottz has been been working with Dr. Dre and Aftermath artists since 2000, so it’s not surprise that he has insight on Dre’s upcoming album, Detox.

What may surprise fans, however, is that the man behind beats like Snoop Dogg’s “That’s That Shit” and Kanye West’s “Barry Bonds” is going solo. In an interview with, Nottz revealed some details about his album.

“My manager really pushed me into doing it but I really hadn’t gotten into it until probably last year,” explained Nottz, who rhymes on the album, titled You Need This Music. “He was like, ‘You should just do it.’ And I just did it. He is still like the sole pusher behind this thing. This is something I should have been doing, at least ten years ago. When I started doing beats, I should have just kept rhyming.”

As for the artists featured on the album? “Travis Barker, Bilal, Black Milk, Dwele, Joel Ortiz, Asher Roth, Mayer Hawthorne, Snoop, Royce [Da 5’9”], it’s a record.”

In the interview, Nottz also revealed that he had a hand in producing the intro to Detox, as well as “a couple of other joints on there.”

“Man, I’m waiting for the joint to drop. Like come on man. You have been recording for years, let’s do this. He got records, he got records that will shut people down. Make you don’t even want to do records no more. Like, aw man, I’m doing this for no reason. Its dudes like this that makes me want to just quit. But he got some records man, its crazy.”