Legendary Juice Crew emcee Kool G Rap recently chopped it up with Good*Fella Radio about his latest upcoming solo LP called Riches, Royalty and Respect. The rap veteran talked about his latest single “Sad,” produced by Supa Dave, and how after nearly two and a half decades, he’s still inspired by the music.

“The ‘Sad’ jump-off, that’s one of the first singles we’re releasing off the album titled Riches, Royalty and Respect,” explained Giancana. “That’s just that vintage, authentic G Rap, but in 2010. Same angle, same person, I just brought a 2010…I’m just the type of dude [where it’s] more the music than anything else. Of course, everybody wants to be prosperous in the games…but when the game stops entertaining you, that’s when you, I think that’s when fall in line with the particular kind of artist that’s beginning to sound dated. When you stop being entertained by the game and the music, it loses you and then the only thing you have to go back on is the way you used to do it. But when you’re constantly entertained and inspired by the music, it just keeps you rejuvenat[ed]…and re-inventing yourself, time and time again.”

Kool G Rap also revealed a few details about what fans can expect to hear on his latest LP. He says that although nothing is set in stone, he has been reaching out to Philly rhymers Beanie Sigel and Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks. Whether or not such collaborations come into fruition, G Rap says that the album will be 100% Kool Giancana.

“I can’t really say anything that’s concrete as right now, but I’m talking to Bean[ie Sigel], I’m talking to Vinnie Paz [of Jedi Mind Tricks],” he said. “I’m trying to keep [Riches, Royalty and Respect] real well rounded. The main thing, we’re keeping it G Rap. You ain’t going to hear me stretching for nothing else…I’m not reaching for mainstream success…[or] a big pop record. I’m really doing what I really feel from the heart. People will have to gravitate to my taste in music, more or less than me trying trying to reach out to a certain category or a genre.”

Giancana also talked about working with a young Joell Ortiz on the song “China White” off his DJ Whoo Kid-hosted mixtape Dead or Alive. He maintains that Ortiz took the crown when it came to whose verse was harder, and he has no problem at all about admitting it. 

“My personal opinion, Joell went in on [‘China White’],” G Rap said. “I ain’t got no problem saying it…outside of him being a magnificent artist, dude is my homeboy. That’s like family right there. I don’t mind saying that [Joell] took the show on that one. When I heard his verse, I was like ‘Wow, my dude got me.'”

Watch the video below to listen to the full interview.