Fresh off his US release 24 Hour Karate School, featuring Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa and Jay Electronica, veteran producer Ski Beatz is fast at work on new product. The producer of hits for Camp Lo and Jay-Z has been aligned with Dame Dash’s DD172 “dojo” and will new make a new lineup of his solo debut for fans of Japanese Hip Hop.

The Original Flavor alum’s album is planned for release on October 20. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Amemuran Dream (feat. Infumiai-Kumiai)
2. Go (feat. Seeda)
3. Nihonjin Rapper Sousenkyo (feat. Hannya)
4. 24 Bars To Kill (feat. Anarchy, Rino Latina II, Kan & Maccho)
5. Japanese Tokkotai Bancho (feat. Tetrad The Gang Of Four)
6. My City (feat. Gazzila)
7. Heaven’s Doon (feat. Ryuzo & B.I.G. Joe)
8. Runnin’ (feat. Baragaki & Zeus)
9. Remember Shadowmen (feat. KGE The Shadowmen)
10. Roc Rated (feat. Anarchy, La Bono & Ryuzo)
11. MCW (Mucha Cucha Waru) (feat. Twigy & Dabo)
12. Follow Me (feat. Smith-CN)
13. Hey Taxi (feat. Issugi & S.L.A.C.K.)
14. 24 Bars To Kill (Remix) (feat. DJ Ty-Koh, Zeebra, D.O., Simon & Shingo Nishinari) (CD Bonus Track)