According to TMZ R&B singer Mario has been arrested for assaulting his mother. Shawntia Hardaway told police that her son was “throwing and damaging property” in addition to pushing her around. Mario allegedly shoved her around using his hands and forearms and pushed her eight feet across the room into a wall where she banged her head.

The Baltimore native was charged with 2nd degree assault and released on a $50,000 bond. Shawntia is a former heroin addict who has supported Mario’s dream to sing since he was a child and she bought him a karaoke machine. 

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(October 1)

UPDATE: On November 3, Baltimore, Maryland prosecutors dropped misdemeanor assault charges against singer, actor and former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Mario. After he was initially charged with second-degree assault for allegedly pushing his mother, Shawntia Hardaway, against a wall, Hardaway gave a different account of the story. Hardaway told authorities she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when she called police, and that Mario never laid a hand on her.

During the initial October arrest, Hardaway alleged that her son assaulted her on multiple occasions, including one September 27 incident that included Mario “pushing her eight feet into a living room wall.”

With his client clear of all charges, Mario’s attorney Bill Murphy says his client, “remains committed to helping his mother battle her addiction.”