The Black Eyed Peas have had some interesting collaborations dating back to their days as the Atban Klann, when NWA’s Eazy-E first signed them to Ruthless Records. And that trend will likely continue with the release of the song “Two Worlds Anthem,” featuring BEP’s Taboo and Norwa, New South Whales emcee Corey “Young Nooky” Webster.

Taboo befriended Webster while visiting a community center with Donna Karan, photographer Russell James and indigenous Australian artist Clifton Bieundurry as part of an outreach effort between Nomad Two Worlds and Reconciliation Australia. A year after hanging out and freestyling with Webster, Taboo flew him out to Los Angeles to record a single with Black Eyed Peas producer Keith Harris.

“Not many people get an opportunity like this,” Webster said. “It’s because of culture and music that I’ve got this honor for me to bring the voice of Australia to America. It feels really good living my dream, because two weeks ago I was searching around the house trying to find a dollar to feed myself.”

More information about the collaboration, as well as the Nomad Two Worlds project and video of the experience is available at