Hard Knock TV spoke to will.i.am at the recent BMI Awards show where he was honored for his contributions to the industry. He expressed his interpretation of good music and great artists, and said that in the future, he’d like to record an album with Kanye West.

“I would like to work with Kanye,” he said. “I think if we came up with a project together–remember when [Cee-Lo] and Danger Mouse did that project together and they called it [Gnarls Barkley]? I think if me and  Kanye did something together, that would be crazy. It don’t even have to be called Will and Kanye or Kanye and Will. We could call it anything. I think that would be way out there. And it would give us the license to do creative, no boundaries no laws just go out and do things to get applause. That would be fresh.”

The B.E.P. frontman said he’d also like to work with KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, and Native Tongue.