50 Cent and Tech N9ne are reported to be appearing in the upcoming independent movie “Vengeance” starring well-known veteran Danny Trejo. While details of Fif’s role in the film are not clear, director Gil Medina was able to talk about how Tech N9ne was considered for a part in the film.

“I’d been to a lot of shows with Tech N9ne and watched him grow. Nobody knew, nobody could have even foreseen that at the time this movie is getting ready to come out that Tech N9ne is the number one independent underground rapper in the world… [Also], Danny did Tech’s video ‘Like Yeah.’ That’s his latest video and Danny was in that. So Tech is a really good friend of ours.”

Tech N9ne will also be writing a song for the movie, as will rapper Baby Bash. “Vengeance” is looking at a possible end-of-year release.