Eminem’s Recovery has spent the last nine weeks at the No. 1 position on the Billboard charts. The project has continued to maintain momentum with its No. 1 singles “Not Afraid” and “Love The Way You Lie ” featuring Rihanna. Eminem told Billboard that he has selected “No Love ” featuring Lil Wayne as the album’s third single.

 “I did a song with Wayne called ‘Drop the World ‘ for his [Rebirth] album and we had just agreed to do an even swap,” Em explained, “so I wanted him on my album. I kind of waited, and when [producer] Just Blaze had finished that beat we jumped on it.”

While he says he’s “in the studio probably about five days a week,” he hasn’t ruled out taking a role in another film. His last role was in “8 Mile,” which released almost eight years ago. According to Billboard, he has received offers to appear on ABC’s police drama “Detroit 1-8-7,” which Em has not committed to yet.

“As busy as I am with the music and recording albums and things like that, I’ve kind of taken an obviously long break from acting. If there’s a role, something that actually hits me that I feel like, ‘Yo I’ve got to do this, this is crazy,’ then I’ll do it. But I haven’t had any scripts or anything sent my way that feel like that yet.”

Em is currently teaming up with Jay-Z to perform shows at Comerica Park on Sept. 2 and 3, and then at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 13 and 14.