After Charles Hamilton’s surprising announcement last month about his decision to check into a mental hospital, fans were stunned to see him in a wheelchair during his live UStream broadcast.

Hamilton, a DXnext alum, stated that he has been confined to wheelchair since his dismissal from a mental hospital last week due to sharp pains.

“The reason I’m in a wheel chair is because I have sharp pains since I was in the hospital and a lil’ bit before,” he said. “I have sharp pains when I’m walking and literally I want to collapse but I can’t I have to continue to walk. So my right leg has been acting kinda funny. I still have a lil’ mobility, I can still stand up in the booth…but I’d rather the mobility of my legs be jeopardized than my musicality be jeopardized at any given point of time.”

Late ’00s peer rapper B.o.B. has kept in touch with Charles, and he wants the public to know that Hamilton is sane.

“You have to understand… Charles Hamilton is not crazy,” said B.o.B of his longtime ally. “He was in a place of extreme possibilities music-wise. He has not veered in on the reality that he wants to create. As with all artists, if we were astronauts we would be on Pluto [laughs]. We dance on the line of insanity. We really do. If you look at some of the greatest artists in history, they were really out there. It’s like that movie Inception. If you don’t keep something like a totem to keep you remembering who you are, you’ll get lost…Charles and I are cool. I talk to him a lot. He’s always discovering himself, putting his experiences into his music.”

Hamilton’s UStream Channel can be found here.