This weekend, The Fat Boys‘ manager Uncle Louie told HipHopDX that the Rap icons have been invited, along with Special Ed to perform at Twitter headquarters, for what he called an “old school takeover.” Details are still finalizing, but the event will take place this September, and both living Fat Boys Kool Rock-ski and Prince Markie Dee are confirmed.

The event will take place in Twitter’s home city, San Francisco, with sponsorship confirmed by Domino’s Pizza, New Hall Coffee, Kimpton Hotels, SCE Stations and Louie’s own Uncle Louie Music Group. Other old school Hip Hop acts are said to be confirming.

In honor of the event’s host, fans are encouraged to follow @TheFatBoys, @PrinceMarkieDee, @KoolRockSki and @UncleLouie.



Last year, Kool Rock-ski told DX about the group’s impact on Hip Hop. “I think the fact that every parent saw in us just pure fun. Like, those guys are clean. They’re not rapping about sexual [stuff]. They’re not rapping about raising hell. [Laughs] They’re just being who they are. They just being funny. And they’re young. A lot of kids gravitated to us ‘cause they just seen these young faces. [And so] the legacy for us is just that a lot of people gravitated towards us because we brought that fun element into Hip Hop.”

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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