In a recent interview with Creative Loafing ATL, Andre 3000, Big Boi, members of Organized Noize and LaFace Records and more broke down the making of Outkast’s seminal 1998 album Aquemini. Andre revealed that “Rosa Parks,” the album’s controversial single, was actually intended for the Diddy’s girl group, Total.

“I actually submitted that beat to [Diddy’s old group] Total – ’cause I was going with Keisha from Total around that time – but they couldn’t use it, so we ended up using it,” he explained.

Big Boi added, “I took the beat home and I remember I was in my bedroom, and I was like, ‘I got the hook!’ I was playing the music loud as hell and I was just singing the hook: ‘Aah-haah, hush that fuss!’ Like, that’s it, we need to lay it down.”

Andre also talked about the Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique, a fiction group mentioned in the “Return of the G” skit. Dre says that he, Sleepy Brown and Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob have actually recorded songs as the Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique, yet have never released any of the material.

“[The ‘Return of the G’ skit] was like a parody of everything going on at the time,” he said. “Back then all the hood record labels were called stuff like Slap a Bitch Records or Big Dick Records, so we made up the group name Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique. Me, Sleepy [Brown] and Cee-Lo were going to form an actual band called Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique. We recorded some stuff but never released anything under that name. It was really just a funny thing we made up for an album you’d buy at the record store.’

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