Vocalist and bassist for the Black Lips,  Jared Swilley, sat down with 1017 Brick Squad artist Waka Flocka Flame last week in which the rapper explained the value of mixtapes, the origin of his name, and his introduction to the industry.

“Mixtapes, they like candy,” Waka Flocka explained to the garage band frontman. “You know, like, kids be so good that you give them candy–and from that right there you get paid shows.” The rapper, who is a protege of Gucci Mane, has released seven mixtapes including 2010’s LeBron Flocka James 2, the sequel to his first mixtape.

Flame also told Swilley that his stage name comes from an unlikely place: the Muppet Babies. The animated series, which aired from the mid-1980s to the early 90s included a character, Fozzie, who was recognized for the catchphrase, “Waka, waka, waka.”

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“Yeah, I’ve got a Fozzie chain, ’cause when I was younger, me and my cousin used to watch it and he started calling me “Waka.” The moniker “Flame,” he says, was added by Gucci Mane. When asked how he got into the Hip Hop industry, he answered, “I just did a song, and it worked. So I thought I could do ten more.”

Flame’s debut album is scheduled to release sometime later this year.