Regardless of the issues surrounding the identity of rapper/producer MF DOOM, no one doubts the validity of his stage performance. Teaming up with Gold Dust Media, the masked emcee will be releasing his second live album of his career with Expektoration.

Split up into two acts, MF DOOM performs records from the critically-acclaimed albums MM…FOOD and Madvillainy, as well as Operation: Doomsday and Born Like This. DOOM also takes the time to unleash his alter-ego ‘King Geedorah’ for a handful of songs, keeping the concert fresh and creative.

DOOM’s Expektoration will be released on September 14.

In other news, Los Angeles veteran producer Fredwreck recently updated fans on his current ventures.

Most notably known for his affiliation with Tha Dogg Pound and as an in-house producer for Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records, Fredwreck moved to Dubai a few years back to do television production for MTV Arabia as well as work with up-and-coming middle eastern artists. Still, Fredwreck keeps in touch with his West Coast counterparts as he told, “I’ve been doing a few things back in the States with Kurupt and Mack 10 and things like that, but mostly I’ve been out here doing TV productions, just trying to do something different. Doing Arabic music, helping the Arabic Hip Hop scene out here, there’s a lot of really talented Arabic artists out here so I’ve been here starting new, just to get away a little bit.”

Fredwreck also added he and Kurupt are currently at work on a collaborative project called A History Of Violence, though they don’t expect to put out any records until it’s fully completed. “Kurupt is always doing something, so I ain’t never have to worry about him. Me and his chemistry, we kind of save it. If we do 4 or 5 songs, we’re not really trying to leak stuff out, because we’re trying to make masterpieces.”

You can read the full interview here.

Finally, a new book by authors Dawn Marie Daniels and Candace Sandy is being released that offers inspiration and self-motivation for young African-American women.

With 60 different stories and testimonials, Souls of My Young Sisters: Young Women Break Their Silence with Personal Stories That Will Change Your Life highlights women ages 18-30 describing their own challenges and eventual success to overcome the odds. Contributors include Mary J. Blige, Madeline Smalls (Executive Director of FFAWN), Dee Vazquez, Nicole Paultre-Bell, Kimberly Cooper King, and entertainment publicist Syreta J. Oglesby.

Looking to give struggling women a new sense of hope, Daniels and Sandy explained, “These young women are powerful, and knowing the stories of other young women from around the world keeps you from feeling alone.” They added, “Our purpose is to give women the opportunity to be able to recognize themselves in other women’s stories, gain the strength to move on, and live the life that [they] truly deserve.”