On Murs’ latest single, “The Problem Is,” he warns that he tends to “move like a quiet storm.” That may be true, but the Los Angeles emcee is also willing to make noise and it seems 2010 is poised to be a year when fans hear a lot from the Living Legend. During the first part of our interview, he spoke on his upcoming Paid Dues Festival, racial politics, 9th Wonder and Little Brother. For this part of the interview, Murs shared that while he may not be able to deliver 10 albums in a year, fans should still expect a lot of exciting new material.

Originally, he caused a stir when he promised 10 albums with 10 tracks a piece for 2010. The goal was ambitious and quite possible but after Fornever got pushed back and a gun related incident took place, the plan had to be revamped.

“Man, I don’t know, man. The label’s fucking with me, man. This album getting pushed back fucked up my program. I’ve got nine [more] records in the works and some of them are ready to go but shit keeps happening. I have a Punk Rock record that’s supposed to come out next month and somebody just shot the lead singer of my Punk Rock band. He can’t walk. He’s in a wheelchair and he was supposed to go on tour with me. So, shit keeps happening. It’s not about my record, it’s about him and I hope he gets well. So, that pushes things back. It may not be 10 in a year now. It may just be a bunch of material whenever it comes out in the next two years.”

This not only hurt his plans for unveiling 10 albums in a year. This also conflicted with a goal to tour two albums in one, a move that may have been very exciting for his fans who would have gotten a Punk Rock show mashed up with Psycho Realm and Murs & 9th Wonder rounding out a bill.

“The record [Fornever] got pushed back two weeks. I had it in on time and everything, but the label decided that’s what they wanted to do. Now, I’m ready to release this Punk Rock record and tour it and we were going to open up on the Fornever tour with my Punk Rock band, then Psycho Realm would perform and I’d close it out with my Hip Hop stuff. But, now it might not happen because my dude’s in a wheelchair. We have to wait six months for him to heal for us to be able to tour. I don’t want to put out a Punk Rock record [right now], because the reason I did it is that it feels so good live. I need my fans to see that. If he can’t stand up and swing the guitar over his head like he does at practice, I don’t want to do it.”

Still, there is no need to worry about a lack of music from Murs this year. Aside from this collaborative album with 9th Wonder and his Punk Rock record, the Mid City representative is also excited to reveal that he’s going to release an album with producer Terrace Martin, who he has previously worked with on Murs for President. Longtime fans may also be glad to learn that he’s collabing with Isaiah the Toothtaker on an album that he says will be a throwback to Project Blowed and the underground Hip Hop culture in Los Angeles, taking him back to the mid ’90s.

“The music’s done. I have a record with Terrace Martin called Melrose. It’s extremely raunchy and out of control. The cover itself is a statement. I have a podcast called Werd2Murs, a free podcast you can subscribe to on iTunes. Me and my brother Isaiah [The Toothtaker] do it together. We have a record coming out in June or in the Summer, basically us rapping over beats you hear in our podcast. It’s more like Project Blowed, underground west coast Hip Hop shit I haven’t done since [F’Real], just battle raps and crazy shit over dusty RZA kind of sounding beats. It’s real different.”

“I got a comic book that’s up on Merch-Girl.com and the first song for that is up. The first chapter is up. It’s going to be 10 songs and 10 chapters of the comic book. That’s starting now. Every week, a new page will go up and I think every two weeks, a new song.”

He isn’t done there. He has plans to release a Dub Step record, a collaboration with Psycho Realm’s Sick Jacken and a second installment of Varsity Blues. His album with 9th Wonder, Fornever will be released April 13th but the album can be purchased by those who attend this weekend’s Paid Dues Festival for 10 dollars. The event, as noted in Part 1 of this interview, is set to include performances from Jay Electronica, Ice Cube, Raekwon, Doomtree and Tha Dogg Pound.

In related news, a video from 2009 album from Murs, Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez with Slug and Aesop Rock premiered on HipHopDX today. See below:

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