Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9″ has a history with Eminem. The two were friends, partners in rhyme and allies. After a falling out, the two made amends and this landed Slaughter behind Slim during the “Forever” video. Needless to say, this only sparked speculation that Slaughterhouse would soon sign with Shady Records for their sophomore album.

Recently, a lot more has been said regarding this signing. Joe Budden announced that label politics were holding the deal up. Joell Ortiz also vented his frustrations about the matter.

Now, Royce has leaked Bar Exam 3’s “Nobody Fuckin’ With Us,” a track that only adds fuel to these rumors of a Slaughterhouse/Shady connection.

“Shady,” he says on the leak. “Got a nice ring to it, huh? Don’t that shit sound so good coming from me?”

“If you like the white boy, then your ass might as well start liking me too, because from here on out, anytime you see him, you’re going to see me too.”

This comes after Eminem’s Twitter comment about “big news…coming soon,” a sign that some fans are taking to mean that the Shady/Slaughterhouse deal will be formally announced soon, although it has not been officially confirmed as of yet.