How many of you would guess that Heavy D has seven albums under his belt? I sure wouldn’t. Despite being in the game for 15 years now, Heavy D really doesn’t get credit for much, when he in fact has made a large impact, excuse the pun. Not only was he the first one to introduce the world to another heavy set emcee by the name of the Notorious B.I.G. but he was the original heavy weight ladies man.

The Jamaican-born Dwight Myers is ready to return in 2002, and he will seek the help of some other artists that could be considered heavy weights. Although, not necessarily in stature. Faith Evans, Loon and P. Diddy are scheduled to appear on his album and we could also see an appearance from Jay-Z as Heavy is producing a track for “The Blueprint 2.”

“I’m excited about everything that’s going on. My album will reflect where I am in my life and I’m in a real good place,” Heavy D told allhiphop. Heavy was recently tapped by P. Diddy to head the Big & Tall division of Sean John. Heavy D has also landed a role on the popular television series, “Boston Public.” That is what I call living large.