Before this weekend’s Twitter feud between Phonte and 9th Wonder, HipHopDX spoke to 9th Wednesday of last week about his forthcoming Fornever album with Murs. During the interview, 9th was asked about a possible song of his being placed on Little Brother’s farewell album, LeftBack.

When asked about a track being placed on LeftBack, 9th replied that he was unaware of a song being on the record.

“I don’t know. I have no idea. That’ll tell you. [Laughs] I don’t know. I don’t even know the record. What’s the name of the record?” he asked. “So, me and you are on the same boat. I have no idea, man.”

9th went on to add that he has not submitted any beat to Phonte or Pooh since “Rear View Mirror” off Pooh’s Delightful Bars.

“Nah, I haven’t submitted anything. The last beat I submitted to either Phonte or Pooh was for Pooh and it was for ‘Rear View Mirror.’ Everybody heard that.”

The song in question, “Star ,” was at the center of a Twitter dispute only a couple of days later. Over the weekend, 9th and Phonte rehashed the Little Brother break-up through a few comments on Twitter and later through a video blog from Phonte (shown below).

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