Former No Limit rapper Mystical aka Micheal Tyler, has been released on bond for charges of extortion and aggravated rape. Mystical turned himself into police on July 18th to answer for the charges against a forty year old woman who alleged that Leland Ellis, Vercy Carter and Mystical raped her on July 3rd in the rapper’s Baton Rouge home. The as yet unnamed woman states that she was at Mystical’s home to braid his hair, until he confronted her about unauthorized checks she had been cashing against his bank account and told her “get into the bedroom and take your clothes off”. After allegedly forcing her to perform oral sex on him, Mystical called his two friends over and they raped her.

Police now have in their possession what is believed to be the “smoking gun” in the case, which is an alleged videotape of the incident. On July 9th, five days after the woman reported the incident, police opened a safe which they confiscated from Mystical’s home and found the videotape. Mystical’s lawyer Gary Harvey turned a signed affidavit into police on the 9th that the unnamed woman signed stating that the sexual encounter between the three was consensual. When the police spoke with the woman about the affidavit, she stated she was “misled”, but still wanted to pursue the charges. Mystical was released on $250,000 bond. Aggravated rape charges carry a jail sentence of life in prison and extortion is one to fifth teen years.