Destiny’s Child members Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams were to make a trip to Chicago this weekend to face allegations from 2006 over stealing content for their 2004 hit single “Cater 2 U.”

However, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the former R&B trio has reached a settlement with Rickey Allen, the artist who originally created the song.

I can confirm that yes, it did settle,” explained Matthew Wildermuth, Allen’s attorney. “All of the issues have been amicably resolved and the case is going to be dismissed. [Allen is] excited about being able to devote time to posturing his musical career.”

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While the issued has been resolved, an insider close to Rowland told the New York Daily News that she is frustrated with Beyonce and her father’s tactics of business.

Kelly isn’t happy having to fight these allegations. She feels as though this is just another mess that Matthew [Knowles] got them into while only trying to serve the sole interest of his daughter.”