Even after the controversial release and subsequent lawsuit, The Carter documentary shot to the top on the iTunes charts since its debut on November 17. Born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., rapper Lil Wayne sued to block distribution of the highly accredited documentary based on his life and career as an artist in the industry. Reportedly, Wayne enjoyed the film when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

QDIII, the film’s producer, was surprised to learn about the lawsuit. “The interesting thing is that Wayne saw the film and liked it,” he told CNN.

There is speculation that Wayne is now rejecting the film because of footage involving drug and alcohol use, in addition to the recent charge and prison sentence for criminal gun possession. Cameras followed Wayne for nearly a year, capturing his likening for smoking marijuana and mixing prescription cough syrup with root beer.

“Even in the declaration of the lawsuit, it says that he likes the movie — so we’re not sure if [the suit] is coming from him or that’s someone else,” the son of the legendary Quincy Jones added.

Lil Wayne asserted that he was not given final approval over the finished project, which lead to him suing to block its distribution. However, Variety reorted that a California state judge rejected his rejection and allowing for the film to be sold on TheCarterDoc.com.

The Carter is currently listed at number one on the United States iTunes charts, and among the top 10 on the Canadian iTunes music store alongside Bruno and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.