Atlanta police are investigating rapper Fabolous‘ involvement in a car theft that took place in January of this year. A rare 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was stolen from the InterContinental Buckhead hotel in Atlanta after the valet unknowingly gave the car keys to one of the members of Fabolous‘ entourage. Fab was among the people in the group, but left the hotel in a separate car, which followed behind the stolen luxury car. The swindled vehicle was only one of two bought in the United States.

When the story broke earlier this year, there was little evidence to aid in the investigation of this case, thus limiting the hunt for suspects. Now, surveillance video has surfaced, showing the rapper and his crew leaving the hotel, and some of the men receiving the keys from the valet and driving off in the Lamborghini. After the video surfaced revealing Fabolous as one of the suspects, police investigated the theft and confirmed that the rapper did indeed know the men who drove off in the vehicle.

The car was eventually located with the information provided by Fabolous, who will see no criminal charges due to a deal made with police. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said in a statement, “We were informed by the Atlanta Police Department that detectives gained information regarding the location of this vehicle by promising counsel for Fabolous that if he told them where the vehicle could be found, the State would not pursue charges.”

The Lambo suffered several bruises and tears. The car’s owner, Eric Vargosko, cannot sue Fabolous due to the promise made by the police, but he will sue the hotel. “I did nothing wrong,” he said to Channel 2 Action News, “and to be forced to hire an attorney, it’s just wrong.”

The hotel released a statement saying, “The InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta has accepted responsibility for this unfortunate incident from its inception, and has always been willing to provide fair and reasonable compensation for the damages caused to the vehicle by the incident…We have taken several measures, including heightening security, so that a repeat of this incident does not happen.”

Fabolous, known recently for his dominating presence in Twitter land only had this to say on his page: “Un-fuckin-believable & In-fuckin-credible… 2 words to describe my mood.”

As of yet, Fabolous and his camp have not issued any official statements.