Seven years after filming the successful Hip Hop drama 8 Mile, Detroit emcee Eminem is ready to return to Hollywood, this time with a leading role in a 3-D horror anthology. Screen Daily recently announced that the Relapse rapper will be featured in Shady Talez, a hybrid between the classic sci-fi program The Twilight Zone and the 80’s horror comedy film, Creepshow.

In a joint venture, Shady Talez will be produced by John Davis who created the 2004 film I, Robot starring Will Smith, and writer and producer Dallas Jackson via D.J. Classicz/Davis Entertainment label. Also enlisting the help of writer and producer of the sci-fi vampire movie trilogy Underworld, Kevin Grevioux will help Jackson to write the film.

While the release date has not been set, the makers of Shady Talez are anticipating a four-issue comic series to be published based on the horror flick some time in 2010 under Marvel Icons.

Aside from Shady Talez, fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Em‘s Relapse 2, rumored to drop November 16.