Jay-Z, who is highlighted in the deluxe DJ Hero Renegade Edition along with Eminem [click to read] joked with Rolling Stones about his favorite song within the Guitar Hero franchise. Outside of his own music, he responded “does such a song exist?”

Also an avid gamer, Hov told Rolling Stones “my nephews ain’t beat me their whole entire life until now. I would never let them win because that meant they controlled the household, so I would just beat them mercilessly. Suck it up, kid,” he exclaimed. Enthusiastic about the new console, Jay vowed to have DJ Hero set up in each dressing room across the U.S. and Canada for his tour [click to read] which kicked off October 9 with Wale, J. Cole and N.E.R.D..

“I think after a year with DJ Hero, I’m gonna start deejaying parties like Q-Tip and all them,”
he professed. “I’m gonna work on this for a year, then I’m gonna get me a new Serrato set. Then I’m gonna find out who makes the most as a deejay. I’m gonna charge double. I’m gonna tour bar mitzvahs, weddings,” he continued.

Not only taking inspiration from the turntable video game, the once self-proclaimed “horrible performer” admitted that he concentrated on U2 front man, Bono, to master the art of stage performing. “These days, I’m the shit, but I used to be a horrible performer. I was terrible. I’m not really an animated guy so I had to figure out a way how to convey my message and talk to people in compact movements, all the while, being entertaining,” he stated.

“There is a very thin line between not moving and being boring. [Bono] knows how to exaggerate his movements and he knows how to have that conversation, without moving around much. He’s a dynamic performer,” he added.

Jay-Z will wrap up his tour for the highly acclaimed Blueprint 3 album on November 22 in Austin, Texas.

DJ Hero Renegade Jay-Z Tracklisting:

“Ain’t No Nigga (featuring Foxy Brown)”
“Where I’m From”
“Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)”
“Jigga My Nigga (featuring Ruff Ryders)”
“I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)”
“Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”
“03′ Bonnie & Clyde (featuring Beyoncé Knowles)”
“Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
“Show Me What You Got”
“Roc Boys (And the Winner Is…)”
“Brooklyn Go Hard (Featuring Santigold)”
“D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune)”

DJ Hero Renegade Eminem Tracklisting:
“Taking My Ball”
“Say Goodbye to Hollywood”
“The Re-Up (featuring 50 Cent)”
“Rabbit Run”
“Get U Mad”
“Bad Guys Always Die (featuring Dr. Dre)”
“Public Enemy No. 1″
“Say What You Say (featuring Dr. Dre)”
“Lose Yourself”
“Hey Lady (featuring Obie Trice)”
“One Shot 2 Shot (featuring D-12)”